Roo’s Room

Welcome to Positive RX where you are provided Positive Prescriptions to aid in overcoming many of life’s problems and predicaments. In today’s hurried and stress-filled society little time is created to plug in and connect to our lives. When we are disconnected from life, we are essentially disconnecting from ourselves.
Do you have a problem you’re avoiding because you’re unsure how to solve it?
Has that ignored problem become a BIGGER problem after time?
Have you noticed your stress level increasing as you continue to ignore what’s bothering you?
Do you find yourself manifesting your stress through physical discomfort, dis-ease, or ailments?
Do you wish you had a place where you could get quick coaching on how to overcome some of life’s problems or predicaments?

If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, then good news!!!! I’m the Roo for you! Avoiding issues or personal problems can lead to chronic stress. Chronic stress is our response physically and mentally to internal and external stressors when we have issues that aren’t dealt with or are long term issues in our lives. Our health, emotional issues, relationships, work, major life changes, social situations, families, beliefs & values, and even our surroundings are all examples of life events that can lead to chronic stress.
Positive RX provides multiple behavioral remedies for today’s current ailments to support you in plugging into your life more fully – that means a life lived BOLDLY, BEAUTIFULLY, and BODACIOUSLY with a little sparkle to boot!


Coach Roo is a Master Certified Life Coach who has experience in helping her clients overcome their problems and predicaments so they have the tools to hop any of life’s hurdles in Olympian fashion! To learn more about Coach Roo’s Roots click here.
Through her Custom Positive Prescriptions offerings, clients are able to utilize email, chat, phone, Skype, or face- to- face sessions to creatively coach themselves to become expert hurdle hoppers. Go to Roo’s Remedies to find out more about our Custom Positive Prescriptions System.


By facing your problems head- on, you are paving the way for a more enriching, satisfying, and inspiring life worth living!


Are you ready to PLUG INTO YOUR LIFE?
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