5 Savor Boosters To Increase Your Happy!

savoring-happinessHere I was in an afternoon lull and decided to get my fix through the internet. I started with Facebook of course, and then ran into the perfect site call Happify that has tons of scientific based quizzes, games, and surveys to increase our happiness! Through my cruising, I stumbled upon a list of scientific research made simple that discussed the science behind being happy. Yep, that is correct – there are behavioral activities we can do DAILY to increase our happy factor!
There are many scientific factors that influence our happy, but I was intrigued by one in particular which is the art of SAVORING. Fred D Bryant a social psychologist at Loyola University of Chicago is the father of research on “savoring” or the concept which suggests that when we are mindful of our positive experiences past, present, and future and actually savor in those moments, we will live a more positive happy life. His book Savoring: A New Model of Positive Experience is fill with amazing tips to increase our happy!

For many people, the natural tendency is to focus on coping rather than its’ positive counterpart which is savoring; noticing and appreciating the positive experiences in our lives. Savoring is more than pleasure – it’s the ability to actually be consciously aware and mindful to the actual EXPERIENCE of that pleasure. Savoring increasing our capacity for love, friendships, emotional intelligence, physically and psychological well being, spirituality, and creativity while decreasing depression. So I think it’s time to develop and flex our savor muscle!

Here are 5 quick ways that you can implement NOW to increase your flavor for savor in your life:
1) Reminisce – Spending time with friends, loved ones reminiscing about good times allows you to go back in time to that experience that pleasure again. Even going through photo albums of different happy experiences alone will allow you to access that pleasure
2) Share Your Good Vibes With Others – Fred Bryant says ” People that savor together stay together” so by sharing with others our experience of feeling happy, excited, glad, etc is the same as sharing a positive event. In fact, even the thought of sharing it with others can boost your happy. So start sharing your Savor!
3) Day Dream – Yes! You heard it – day dreaming about future events is another great way to create pleasurable experiences and add a little flavor to your savor! Start planning that future event, activate your five senses and enjoy!
4)Shout It Out – Yep! Have you ever shouted from the roof top or a mountain and realized the amazing release and immediate smile that comes across your face? It works! Shout, Jump up and down, scream in jubilation when something good happens to you and watch your savory muscle flex!
5) Give Thanks  - Counting your blessings and giving thanks is a great way to work some savor into your life. Letting people know how you feel about them not only increases your pleasure but it also increases the pleasure of the recipients of your gratitude! According to Bryant saying  the word ” Thank You” out loud can make us happier by affirming our positive feelings.




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