Finding Love In A ‘ Love Scared’ World


I want more. I want more. I want more….LOVE. In a love scared world where people are bound up in their protective ‘don’t-get-to-close-to-me’ armor, finding love and creating more love becomes the ultimate challenge.

So how do you find more love?

Firstly, start loving more. The Law of Attraction states that what you put out will come back to you ten-fold. When you start expressing love to others you will allow others to give it right back to you. And if they aren’t willing, they will quietly bow out gracefully and exit your life completely.

Secondly, discover what love means to you. In order to find more love, you have to love yourself. This means you need to discover what it feels like to be totally, utterly, head over heels in love with yourself. You do this by describing what that experience of love would feel like so you can recreate it in your life. But most importantly, to love yourself means to be truthful about yourself and accept everything about you, even the things you loath the most about you. When you can stand in your truth, as Iyanla Vanzant shares, then and only then will you know how it feels to love yourself.

Thirdly, strip any ‘don’t-get-to-close-to-me’ armor that you may be wearing to protect yourself from getting hurt or experiencing pain. When you wear that armor you are not finding love, you are blocking love. You wear that armor to protect yourself from pain but also because you don’t love yourself enough to let anyone get close enough to see you. When you no longer hide out and start to accept yourself, then you will begin to strip away the protective gear and will immediately begin to appear more accessible and available to receive love.

Blocking love is the reason there is a scarcity in expressed love. While there is an abundant supply of love, enough to feed all who are starving for love, people are hoarding it and protecting it by reserving their love only to those who have passed all the ‘don’t-hurt-me’ tests. Don’t get me wrong, people have to earn the right to bear witness to your vulnerability; to be privy to your deepest feelings and fears, but when we are love, and learn to be an expression of love, then more love will come back to you. You’ll start to surround yourself with those that have a higher love vibration and the likelihood of those people causing you pain minimizes because they too are matching your love vibe. So hoarding your love is simply feeding your loneliness not your desire for love.

Finally, get out there by putting yourself out there. If you really want to find love, you’ve got to be willing to accept that love and pain are a part of life. The pain of loneliness, isolation, disengagement, and detachment is a life time prison sentence. So if you are blocking love in fear of getting hurt, you’re already there. So the only way to free you from this self-imposed imprisonment is to rattle the bars, break out and break open and be willing to love yourself. Strip your protective armor and get out there so you can finally experience life. If you get hurt, at least now you’ll be surrounded by people who love you and whom you love. That will get you through any temporary heartache and worth everything to finally find love in a love scared world.