Custom Prescriptions

balancingremedyThis Custom Prescription Program attracts clients who don’t have the hour they can dedicate to “sitting in the chair” to figure out what their issues are and need some quick and easy guidance so they can work with the remedy tool on their own time . Clients who enjoy this program are the clients on the go that need quick solutions to help themselves move forward and the freedom to work through their problems with their newly created remedy on their own time, in their own space.
The Custom Positive Prescription program allows you to receive custom behavioral remedies from Coach Roo that will support you in identifying quickly some immediate steps you can take to start the process of solving your problem. You send me your problem, followed up with some probing questions for clarity by Coach Roo, and then you’ll receive your custom prescription that you can use to coach yourself to a better you! Once Roo’s Remedy is received there will be check points created to by Coach Roo to follow up and make sure you’re on the right track in resolving your problem or predicament!

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