Roo’s Reviews

“There are truly too many amazing qualities about Coach Roo to list in one place. That being said, I will try to touch on just a few of the stand out attributes she possesses. Coach Roo is more than a business or life coach. She is passionately positive, motivational, driven, and she TRULY cares about the person she is giving guidance to.
She has incredible insight, and has the ability to make you aware of your choices, and help YOU make your own decisions, vs. telling you what you should do. To me, that is the epitome of coaching, whether it is in business or in life in general.
If you EVER have the opportunity to hire a coach for any reason, please do not deny yourself the chance to work with Coach Roo”

~ Jessica, Oregon


Coach Roo really listens and guided me to go deeper than I had ever gone before. I was able to confide in her without fear of judgment and that was exactly what I needed to make a break through. I now feel happier and more confident than ever moving forward. Thanks for the session!”

~ Dana, California


” I felt like for the first time I really had a PLAN with clear directions on what to do next so that I could actually execute move out of my rut ”

~ Darrell P, Arizona


” Coach Roo is an amazing coach! She would ask me these questions that I never would have even thought to ask myself to really help me see my own light”

~ Carolyn M, Maine