Roo’s Roots

Hi my name is Aandra Bohlen, AKA “Coach Roo”! I am a Master Certified Life Coach ( MCLC) who is a  Life Improvement Specialist with over 16 years of experience in coaching and personal development. Through my coaching techniques I am able to support my clients in assessing the barriers that are holding them back to discovering new ways to break through their personal barriers so that they may live a life full of substance and significance.
The evolution of Coach Roo has many twists and is quite the page turner, but I’ll stick to the nuts and bolts as it relates to you better understanding me and how I can help you.
Just shy of two years old, I was adopted into an amazing multi-cultural family. Figuring out who I was and where I fit in has been one of my life’s most challenging hurdles to overcome. Because I was raised in a time where the neighborhood we lived in was predominantly Caucasian, I struggled even as a child to understand how I fit in with the rest of the kids and not knowing fully my own ethnicity or my birth parents made this struggle more intense. This uncertainty created an extreme void in my life that as a young child I didn’t fully comprehend until I started looking at my issues as an adult.
As a result, I struggled to develop meaningful relationships, trusting others, being vulnerable, and lacked confidence and self esteem. I was the girl that while on the outside seemed to- “have it together” did not. I didn’t have a lot of friends. My phone never rang. And I didn’t have things to do with friends on the weekend; the formula necessary for living -”the good life”.
Even though I was struggling inside, I was able to mask this with my authentic outgoing, positive and bubbly personality. This is how I got my nickname ROO! I was bubbly and bouncing just like a kangaroo and that name has stuck with me ever since and is still a term of endearment that is used by all of my family members, close friends, and now you.
Because I thought my life story had seemed somewhat “incomplete” I’ve became a lover of stories and happy endings. To this day, if you want to find me I’m in the tub reading a juicy romance novel or a great self- help book! I love hearing people’s stories and getting to know them and as a result people have naturally gravitated towards me to share their life’s tales – both good and bad.
Even as a child, I had a gift of intuitively knowing within seconds of meeting someone what their source of pain was. And so I would probe to find out what their story was sometimes inappropriately; my inquisitive nature often resulted in scolding from my parents because I didn’t know how to harness this gift. It was something that would have to be developed as I matured into adulthood. And thank goodness it did!
As I continued to develop into my adulthood these problems were still looming. I thought I was happy and was living the adult version of –”the good life” because I had friends, my phone rang, I was highly successful and sought after in my work, and had improved my relationships with my family. What more could I ask for right? WRONG!
Here’s what I learned quickly: when you don’t get to the root of your issues and deal with it head on “it” aggressively shows up to get your attention. I realized this in my early 20′s when I experienced my first panic attack that landed me in the emergency room. The panic attack petrified me and left me in a complete state of shock and terror that it would happen again. I was a mess. All of those insecurities that I had thought went away quickly resurfaced.
I started working with a therapist along with the support of my family to get to the root cause surrounding my trauma; my abandonment issues surrounding my adoption. Through therapy and amazing support from my family and friends I was able to apply the tools necessary to help me deal with my issues head on.
My Aha- moment came when I decided one day that I would no longer victimize myself because of my past. It is what it is – but it no longer needed to terrorize and paralyze me from my future because THAT I had control over.
I continued to develop myself personally through seminars, self help books, surrounding myself with people that were positive, intelligent, nurturing, and supportive.
And through this I was able to take my childhood gift of talking, listening, and sharing to an entirely new level at which I am able to support my clients in overcoming their own personal issues so they too can get to the other side – the positive side of their life!
As your Life Improvement Specialist, I am committed in supporting you in overcoming your life’s challenges so that you too, can get to a place where you are no longer living “the good life”, but are living a BETTER LIFE; a life full of significance that allows you to harness your gifts and graces into the amazing and beautiful being that you are.

Be Present~ Stay True ~ Be You!
Your Roo!