Speed Coaching Trio Pack

roo_speed_coaching_aDo you find times during the month when you just wish you had someone who could offer you some quick guidance, motivation, and a little push?

Do you have things that “come up” in your life that require some extra attention but find they get buried in the long list of ” I’ll deal with it later” pile?

The SPEED COACHING TRIO PACK allows you to access your support over three 20 minute sessions that you can schedule in advance at your leisure! There is no expiration date on these sessions, just schedule them in advance!

The advantage of the TRIO PACK is that as things come up that are more scenario based, you can access one of your sessions and get right to the root of the issue so you can give yourself more fully to living a life that has less stress and more happiness!

The Speed Coaching Sessions are still designed and implemented the same a single session but now you’ve got THREE powerful opportunities to up-level your life when you feel the need to address some pointed issues that are coming up for you in your day to day life.

You deserve this time, give it to yourself!

Here’s what you’ll receive with your Speed Coaching Trio-Pack!

  • You’re very own On The Go Motivation Coach who will be there when you need it the most!
  • Three 20 minute speed coaching sessions that are laser focused to get you where you want to go and FAST!

Here are some examples of how you could use these sessions

  • Stress is soaring due to specific incidents in your life
  • Your struggling with a big decision that needs to be make – NOW
  • You are experiencing worry or concern regarding a particular situation regarding health, relationships, finances, work
  • You are struggling with procrastination on a project that has a REAL deadline
  • You feel ” STUCK” and aren’t sure how to MOVE yourself out of it
  • You want to improve a relationship you are having with family, friends, partners, spouse, or work

Since these are SPEED COACHING sessions and are designed for clients who want POWERFUL, SWIFT, IMPACTING, and ASSERTIVE results; there is no time for small talk, or diddle dawdling so be sure to come to each schedule session with your specific issue AND more importantly, and intended outcome so you can get out of it exactly what you want to achieve in your session. What we think about – we bring about!


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