Is Your Self Esteem Out Of Steam? 5 Tips To Improve Your Self Esteem NOW











Do you struggle with low confidence or self esteem? Why and where does it come from?

Low confidence and self esteem is an unfortunate common side effect from the programming that is in your mind due to past experiences, trauma, lack of praising,or being on the receiving end of others stress that causes you think poorly of yourself.

The good news; you can disrupt the patterns of your past by creating new experiences and improve your self-esteem and confidence as a result of your new choices. Get your Mojo back!! Rather than trying to change past feelings or behaviors by digging into the ” why” you need to start with a focus on  ”how” you are going to start TODAY on building a new level of awareness into the amazing beautiful creature you are RIGHT NOW.

As a life improvement specialist, I work with clients who want to improve their self esteem and confidence by providing them with powerful NOW tools that they can use to access the most powerful tool they have ~ THEMSELVES!

Here are five sure fire ways to re-boot your self esteem and confidence!

1)Decide - that  you WANT your Mojo back. Deciding that you do want to make improvements in your confidence and self esteem is the most important step you will take! I know. I know. Easier said then done right? But it has to first start with a decision. The first step is saying – ” I’m sick of this crap” ” I’m ready for a change.. but more importantly ” I’m WILLING to change!”

2) Clear the Clutter - You have to free your mind and your SPACE of clutter. It’s time to change the programming in your mind by gently affirming a positive thought when a negative nasty thought enters your mind. For example: ” I always suck at this” can be turned around by saying  to yourself ” That’s how I used to think. That thought is no longer serving me. So today, I’m going to do this with an open mind and an intention to be amazing at this”. Because you’ve created the habit of a negative thought process, you have to work diligently to reprogram your mind to have an automatic positive response vs a negative one.

3) Set a Goal - This is the step that can make or break you so CHOOSE wisely! Don’t try to climb a mountain when you haven’t climbed a small hill. Make your first goal SMART ( Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time Frame) . Give yourself a goal you KNOW you can stick to and pass with flying colors. This is a critical step in your Mojo Builder!  One more thing – make this a short goal. Give yourself a goal you can achieve in less than 20 days. Remember, we’re trying to get your Mojo back so it’s critical that you make it SIMPLE and SHORT to begin with!

4) Track your progress- Here’s the deal – don’t go all crazy with a lot of to-do’s with your first goal and tracking. Make it easy. Grab a notebook, do a video diary, whatever but make it easy and NOT feel like homework.

5) Accountability - Okay – this is where you need to hold yourself accountable but also try and find an accountability partner. This is critical because your partner will be your cheerleader and encourage you through this first goal.  A life coach is a great accountability partner that has your highest and best interest in mind. A life coach will hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader all the way through!

Now I know I said I was going to give you 5 sure fire ways to get your mojo back.. here’s your BONUS….

6) CELEBRATE!You did it! You just followed through on a simple easy breezy goal to get your mojo back; the first step in rebuilding your self-esteem!!!