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Waiter-taking-order-006The last time I went out to eat I experienced an “AH HA” as it is a perfect analogy of how to manifest things in my life.


The waitress approached me and I requested my meal; add this… delete that; extra ice in my drink please;  dressing on the side, etc. And VIOLA – that’s exactly what I received.


What would have happened if I wasn’t clear? If when the waitress approached the table I said nothing or if I was vague in my request? What would she have served me?


When you are manifesting things in your life, imagine the Universe is now your waitress/waiter ready to serve up whatever you desire.


The Law of Manifesting is clear. State your intention and be clear about what you want, release that thought as law and back it up with action that supports your intention.


Many people use vision boards to display their dreams and desires that they want to manifest. And by putting their vision on a board and visiting that board daily, they are increasing the energy and vibration around that desire. And the universe will ALWAYS match your vibration. ALWAYS.


Here’s the step many people miss and it is a critical if not the most important element of manifesting your vision. You ready???  YOU HAVE TO START LIVING AS IF IT HAS ALREADY COME TRUE. Yes that is correct.. I said it..  ”LIVING AS IF IT ALREADY IS” You have to breathe action into the intention to bring it to life.


EXAMPLE: Let’s say you want to lose 30 lbs in a year:


You have your vision board and find the perfect picture of the type of body you want to achieve. You look at the board every day, you hold that desire as your vision. Yet you don’t breathe action into the intention. Nothing else changes for you. What the Universe will serve up, is exactly what your actions showed because you carry a vibration with you. And the vibration you are omitting is not in support of losing 30 lbs. So the Universe only hears THAT of which you breathe into your life.


Now let’s take that same example and take it a step further. You look at your board every day, you hold that desire and your vision and you begin to exercise, meditation, ingest healthy foods. Now what do you think will happen? How will the Universe respond to that? EXACTLY! The Universe will respond with an exact vibration match to what you omit! So if you are behaving as if you are 30 lbs lighter – guess what??? You WILL be 30 lbs lighter!


So when Manifesting use these steps to make sure your “server”, THE UNIVERSE hears your order perfectly as you want it done.


1)      SET CLEAR INTENTIONS – don’t just say something arbitrary like ” I want health” be clear about what SPECIFICALLY you want to achieve.


2)      DON”T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE DETAILS – In most cases, you don’t want to overwhelm the Universe (although it can handle anything) with details that bogged down the true intention. Saying you want to lose 30 lbs by incorporating healthy eating, higher spiritual awareness, and exercise is enough. You don’t have to start calling out the measurements, the size bra you’ll be able to wear, etc. You’ll get to that by focusing on a SIMPLE CLEAR INTENTION



3)     BREATHE LIFE INTO YOUR INTENTIONS – Back every intention up with Action. Make sure you actions support what you are manifesting in your life. By breathing LIFE into your intentions you are clearly communicating to the Universe that this is exactly what you want and so you shall receive.


4)     STAY LOOSE TO PRODUCE – You have to stay loose to produce. In other words, don’t stress yourself out about it and certainly refrain from any negative thoughts regarding your intentions. Trust they are true and good. And release them as law. No stinking back-tracking- thinking allowed.